Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beto Vazquez Infinity

For some time, the Argentinean bass player and songwriter Beto Vázquez (leader and founder of the extinct band Nepal), continued enlarging his musical horizons, always accumulating new ideas, and with the hope of finally making a group of musicians that could fulfill and understand what he really wanted to transmit. This new creative stage in Beto's careeer uses very varied compositions in what refers to styles, leaving behind the songwriting parameters that he surrendered in the last years next to his former band (Nepal).

In September of 1999, he finished to compose what would be a demo, which was listened by the record label Nems Enterprises, who immediately offered him a record deal. Vázquez would have the hard task now of finding musicians that were adjusted to the high standards that the project demanded. The company also suggested him that the album could be sang in English by voices of international fame, making it easy for the album to be released worldwide. Without a doubt, a great challenge for an Argentinean musician; difficult but not impossible...

The drums should be recorded by some well known and respected musician, and Beto agreed with the producer that he should be Jörg Michael from Stratovarius. The surprising thing was that when the drummer listened the material, he accepted inmediately saying that he had also liked most of the arrangements of the demo.

The selection of the different voices was also a hard task, since diverse candidates were shuffled, being finally chosen Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Vision Divine, Athena), Candice Night (Blackmore's Night), Tarja Turunen (Nightwish) and Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge).

Nevertheless, another problem for Beto was adapting the album project to the local live scene. As it was already mentioned before, he had to find appropriate musicians to perform his music. On drums, he needed somebody that could understand him almost perfectly, and viceversa. Luckily enough, Beto found that person before beginning the searching: Marcelo Ponce (Nepal), was the chosen one. The guitars were in charge of three excellent musicians whose styles can be appreciated in each participation, putting the fair touch to the given topic. The invited players were Pablo Soler (Humanimal), Javier Bagalá (Nepal) and Gonzalo Iglesias. Without a doubt, they offered their best performance as it was required.

The flute parts were executed by Lilah Bertolini, through the medieval flute and tin whistle. In the other hand, it was difficult to find the person that could interpret the arrangements and melodies in such sounds as violins, strings, chelos and effects, but Beto had already the perfect musician for the task: Danilo Moschen, an excellent keyboard player that he knew a while ago. When he commented him of the project, Danilo was surprised a lot but didn't doubt.

Regarding the search for the appropiate vocalist (not an easy decision to make), Beto discovered the vocal work of Max Ditamo, contacting then the vocalist and explaining him what was the project about. Max immediately accepted, and began to work following the ideas already thought by Vázquez, and starting the songwriting of melodies and lyrics, and sharing them with Vázquez until arriving together to the final result.

All the songs were created by Beto Vázquez and performed by the band. This way, in charge of the songwriting, the musical direction, the arrangements; and playing four & five strings bass, acoustic and electric, acoustic and electric guitar, Vázquez was able to expand his potential as a musician and give shape to a new project based on his personal music favorites (Pink Floyd, Rhapsody, Helloween, Skyclad, Porcupine Tree, Moonspell, Blackmore's Night, In Flames, etc).

By midd 2000, the band played live for the first time as opening act for Nightwish, in Buenos Aires, achieving the public's massive acceptance (a crowd also surprised with the interpretation of the Pink Floyd cover "High hopes"). In November, BVI played together with Labyrinth and Vision Divine in the Progressive Power Nems Festival. Again, the band received the public's support, not only for their music but for the excellent performance of the musicians on stage, plus the great cover version of Rhapsody's "Land of immortals".

In January of 2001, Max returned to his original band and Beto decided that it was time to add more vocals to the project, applying choruses and looking for complementary vocal works. After many tests, the chosen ones were David Lazar, Diego Leone and Ailin Álybel, becoming stable members in charge of lead vocals and choruses. These new members, along with Marcelo Ponce, Lilah Bertolini, Gonzalo Iglesias, Danilo Moschen and Beto Vázquez himself, gave their best for this band.

In August, 2001 was released, only for Argentina, and in a imited 1000 copies edition the MCD "Battle of Valmourt", including a version of the song "Promises under the rain", an instrumental song with the addition of backing vocals sang by Tarja Turunen, and "Battle of Valmourt" sang by Max Ditamo and the well-known Fabio Lione on backing vocals, along with a mutimedia track with further information and comments of worldwide known musicians on the Project.

By the end of that year, ´Beto Vazquez Infinity - "Beto Vazquez Infinity", the first full CD of the band, was released, and from then on, the Project started becoming well known not only in Argentina, but also throughout the rest of the world. Nowadays, the album has been released in Europe, Korea, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and in France.

Also during the year 2001, Vero Áiudi became stable member of the band on lead and backing vocals.

The composing of the new material began in January, 2002, and during the same year Cyntia Correa took part in the Project as guest singer.

In April, 2002 the tour producer José Luis Botto poposed Beto to take the band on tour and play in Spain, in a fest where bands such as Barón Rojo, Shaman, Ángeles del Infierno and Dark Moor among others would take part. Therefore, the band travelled to Spain and gave their first international show there. The audience showed great approval, and the musicians claim to have really enjoyed that experience.

In July, 2002 starts the first part of "Space Without Limits", the second full album.

In November, Pablo Soler on guitars became stable member of the band. Pablo had already worked with Beto in the song "Infinity Space", from the first CD.

In December,"Wizard" was released; this is an EP containing rareties from the first CD in different versions, such as "Until Dawn" sang by Max Ditamo (former BVI singer) with its original lyrics, and "Danjorland", track sang by the female singer Vero Áiudi, who, until now, remains with the band.

This EP includes 8 tracks together with the first videoclip based on the song "Wizard", being this also the name of same.

In December "The Keepers of Jericho - Part II" was also released. In this second part of the Tribute to Helloween, Beto Vazquez Infinity took part with a cover version of the song "A Tale That Wasn´t Right", in which Elisa Martin (Dark Moor) made her guest appearance on lead vocals.

In January 2003, Víctor Rivarola, on lead and backing vocals. In August, Ramiro Escobar arrived to the band in keyboards.

In the beginning of 2003, Beto gets back on composing and finishes writing the stuff for "Space Without Limits". The songs are delivered to the guests for the new record: Elisa Martin, Liv Kristine, Floor Jansen, Emppu Vuorinen, Arjen Lucassen, J.P.Leppaluoto, Walter Guiardino, Hugo Bistolfi and Juan Pablo Blanco who recorded their performance for the new album.

In February 2004, Paola Tieffemberg comes into the band. At the same time, the band came back on stage, being able to introduce most of the stuff from "Space Without Limits" in shows.
In July of the same year, the band takes part on the Black Sabbath tribute, “Sabbath Crosses” with the song “Die Young”, released by Blak Star C.

In August 2004, Vázquez begins writing the material for the successor of the so long delayed “Space Without Limits”.

In July 2005, the band records “A tout le Monde”, by Megadeth, for the tribute “Hangar de Almas”, to be released by the label 2M producciones. Other bands in the tribute are: Celesty (Finland), Hamka with Elisa Martin (Dreamaker) in voice and Red Wine (Spain).

Besides, Beto decides to change the band’s line-up for the new record and for the live shows. The new line up includes Vero Áiudi (lead and backing vocals and live keyboards), Víctor Rivarola (lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and live keyboards) Norberto Román (drums), Gerardo Elsegood (electric and acoustic guitars) and Beto Vázquez (bass, acoustic guitar and live and studio keyboards).

In April 2006, the band was invited to take part in the first “Festival Iberoamericano”, along with Tierra Santa (Spain), and presented songs from Space Without Limits and Flying Towards The New Horizon, their next works.

Beto Vazquez Infinity is a project based on seriousness and respect towards people, musicians and music in general.


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